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Indonesia is a vast country with so many amazing characteristics that almost anyone can find a good reason to visit and travel this archipelago. From Sumatera to West Papua and from Sulawesi to Flores exceptional cultures and stunning nature are inviting and hard to resist. Spent some time with the friendly and engaging locals who are happy to give you more insight in their beloved habitat.

We are experienced in planning and guiding your trip considering time, interests and budget.

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We organize special adapted tours for seniors and disabled travelers.

We provide wheelchair-accessible transport, adapted accommodation and assistive devices. Planning, organization and execution under professional supervision and according your preferences and requirements.

Private tours, Day trips and pre-scheduled group tours.

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For 15 years we are the local partner in Indonesia for many foreign agents and organizations from all over the world. A dedicated and well-connected team to support you and your guests in whatever and whenever it is needed. Flights,  accommodation, transport and tours in the popular or remote destinations, especially for divers and snorkelers. Knowledgeable, involved and resourceful in travel planning while attentive and hands on in execution. We understand the need of monitoring and decent communication to keep all parties well informed. Maybe second but not forgotten an accurate and clear invoicing and administration system


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